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Luxury is the best hospitality to life

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Luxury is the best hospitality to life

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I don't know when a wave of extravagance is blowing. It's driven by life or the growth of age. It's just to pursue fashion and beauty on the road of extravagance, to feel life in a relaxed and beauti
  I don't know when a wave of extravagance is blowing. It's driven by life or the growth of age. It's just to pursue fashion and beauty on the road of extravagance, to feel life in a relaxed and beautiful way, and to create life style in the simplest way.
Post modern lighting:
Postmodern home pay attention to full personality, so the choice of lamps must have visual impact. Chandelier personality but at the same time with the overall style of home. Chandelier design is also very exquisite, gorgeous color modeling can make the post-modern home dynamic full.
Thousands of lights, with the development of modern home, lights have not only as a lighting tool. A lamp full of design sense makes an additional art decoration in the space. Even become a cultural symbol!
Post modern style lighting: it came into being in the "post" of modern style and began to be popular in the mid-1990s. Modern style pays attention to conciseness, practicality and function orientation in layout. Modern style pays attention to the beauty of symmetry and regularity in structure while paying attention to innovation and personality. So many modern style (such as Nordic style) lighting, although not conventional modeling, are actually very symmetrical in structure.
The post-modern style breaks the symmetrical beauty of the structure, gives people a strong impact on design art, and shows a distinctive and artistic taste and style of life. And the use of symbolic modeling, so that home decoration is more rich in connotation, appears friendly and interesting life, bring a sense of original surprise. Therefore, it is also known as "personality modern" style, especially suitable for people who like art design.
Similarly, the biggest feature of post-modern style lighting is its unconventional structure and distinctive symbolic shape. For example, the design inspiration of symbolic modeling usually comes from natural things, folk stories, daily life and so on, which gives people a bright and friendly feeling of nature.
The post-modern style lighting has a distinctive personality and artistic flavor through its unique structure and distinctive symbolic modeling. The shape design of magic bean and firefly shown above is the embodiment of the post-modern lighting with distinct symbolism in the shape. In addition, natural things such as shells, gingko leaves and moon are also the images often used in the modeling of post-modern lighting.
Post modern light luxury style: low-key and luxurious lighting design
In recent years, with the development and change of various styles in the domestic furniture industry, especially the now popular light luxury style, because of its unique charm, more and more people begin to pursue the light luxury style furniture, because light luxury represents a low-key, introverted, elegant and refined life attitude, not to walk in the front, not to show off, not to boast.
Light luxury Postmodernism
"Light" represents an elegant attitude, low-key, comfortable, but not noble and elegant."Extravagance" refers to luxury. Luxury is not a dazzling, often tens of thousands of prices and the consumption level of the second generation of the rich, but an attitude towards life. A low-key but not lose the pursuit of grade. Not to walk in the front, not to brag, but to enjoy the beauty of life, to be truly elegant - this is today's attitude of light luxury!